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for the Kimono dress (Japanese dress).

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notice 2018/01/11 Tomesode Dress 2 piece introduction
notice 2017/12/08 [Movie]Kimono Dress Creative Selection
notice 2017/11/09 [Movie]New Kimono Dress Red and Blue Kimno
new item 2017/11/02 New Kimono Dress Blue Red
notice 2017/10/10 [Movie]Kimono Dress ACF ART STAGE Model:Haruka Ootani/Nobu Ice
notice 2017/09/08 [Movie]Kimono Dress Barbie Doll
notice 2017/08/11 [Movie]New Kimono Dress green kimno
notice 2017/08/07 New Kimono Dress green
notice 2017/06/29 Dahlianty Movie[Tomesode Dress]
notice 2017/04/24 [Movie]Kimono Dress in MISS UNIVERSE PART.2
new item 2017/04/07 New Kimono dress Black&Red
notice 2017/03/23 [Movie]Kimono Dress in MISS UNIVERSE PART.1
notice 2017/02/28 Dahlianty [New Kimono Dress introduction] No.1051
new item 2017/02/21 New Kimono dress Black Red Gold Uchikake [Crane]
notice 2017/02/16 ~First time in New York~
new item 2016/12/29 New Kimono dress
notice 2016/12/22 Kimono Dress Italy debut
notice 2016/11/19 [Kimono Dress show movie]ACF ART STAGE/Model:Ayako Momiyama
notice 2016/10/20 [Movie]Dahlianty Kimono Dress Mrs.Asia Supreme in Malaysia
notice 2016/09/30 [Movie]Dahlianty Kimono Dress Fashion show in NONGAKUDOU
notice 2016/08/18 [Movie]Dahlianty with Betray Kimono Dress
new item 2016/05/23 New kimono dress Tomesode.
new item 2016/04/16 New kimono dress Furisode/ Red.
new item 2016/03/24 New kimono dress.
new item 2016/02/15 New tomesode dress.
notice 2015/10/01 Mrs Asia Supreme 2015 Erika Yoshinari from Japan
new item 2015/09/25 New kimono dress Furisode/ Pink.
new item 2015/09/02 New kimono dress Furisode/ Light green.
new item 2015/08/11 New kimono dress Uchikake/ Red
new item 2015/07/20 New kimono dress Uchikake/ Beige
new item 2015/06/17 New kimono dress Uchikake/ white
notice 2015/05/10 Dahlianty of kimono dress will be provided costumes gorgeous Japan event to be held in Myanmar.
notice 2015/04/14 Dahlianty Kimono Dress Fashion Show Movie- FASHION ASIA In China [ Full version]
notice 2015/03/25 Dahlianty Kimono Dress PV.
event 2015/01/25 Miss universe japan.
notice 2014/11/13 Fashion Asia Award 2014.
notice 2014/11/13 Fashion Asia Award 2014.Fashion show movie.
notice 2014/10/17 Dosanko Wide on TV.
notice 2014/06/23 Kimono dress shoot.
notice 2014/05/19 New white kimono dress introduction.
notice 2014/04/27 Short film [WALK&WAY] Model: Akemi Fukuhara , Production: TOOWAII , Music: ONI
new item 2014/04/12 It is a new Kimono Dress.This luxurious red uchikake !
new item 2014/03/15 It is a new Kimono Dress.White kimono !
sale 2014/01/10 I now see the photo gallery on the blog.
sale 2013/12/08 It is a model introduction of Fashion Asia.
sale 2013/11/09 It is a fashion show video kimono dress of Dahlianty which was held at FASHION ASIA!
sale 2013/11/04 In Fashion Asia.5 days luxury of enhancement!
new item 2013/10/28 It is a new Kimono Dress.This luxurious Uchikake !
notice 2013/10/27 Held a fashion show in China was elected as a finalist as a representative of Japan Fashion Asia
notice 2013/10/26 I added a customer gallery page.
new item 2013/10/23 It is a new dress.Kimono Dress Orange Komon [Flower, Fan]
notice 2013/09/10 Dahlianty started blog.
notice 2013/08/15 Dahlianty started Dahlianty designer life Facebook.
notice 2013/07/30 Dahlianty - Kimono Dress(Japanese Dress) PV Vol.1
notice 2013/06/20 Dahlianty was introduced on Sapporo pretty picture book net TV.
notice 2013/05/04 I start using the facebook.
notice 2013/03/30 Dahlianty was introduced on TV
new item 2013/03/02 We made up a new dress[Tomesode dress].
notice 2013/02/09 We have added a site map.
new item 2013/01/26 We made up a new dress. Kimono Dress Purple Komon [Flower]
notice 2012/12/29 The site was open!It is a specialty store for Japanese kimono dress.
notice 0000/00/00 Dahlianty of kimono dress will be provided costumes gorgeous Japan event to be held in Myanmar.

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