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Tomesode Dress Black One piece type [Floral,Crane,Fan]

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Item No : 3035
Item Name : Tomesode Dress Black One piece type [Floral,Crane,Fan]

Sales Price : $1,995  $995
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The reason this dress has price down are used in exhibitions and shooting, it is because there is some color fade-out and stains.

Please use the options of this if you want to match the size.

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Types of Kimono Tomesode
Pattern Floral,Crane,Fan
Cloth Silk
Thickness of the cloth Thin
Lining Polyester
Length 93cm , 36.6inch
Posterior full length 113cm , 44.5inch
Bust 90cm , 35.4inch
Waist 76cm , 29.9inch
Hip 130cm , 51.2inch
Hem Width 146cm , 57.5inch
The thickness of the band 214cm , 84.3inch
Width of the ribbon 9cm , 3.5inch

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