Dahlianty is a specialty shop
for the Kimono dress (Japanese dress).

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No.50 Uchikake [Red] Crane
sold out

No.49 Uchikake [Gold&Red] Crane

No.48 Uchikake [Blue] Crane
sold out

No.47 Tomesode [Black&Blue] Flower
sold out

No.46 Tomesode [Black&White] Birds
sold out

No.45 Furisode [Blue&Red] Flower

No.44 White kimono [White]Crane

No.43 White kimono [White]Spiral
sold out

No.42 Komon [Purple]

No.41 A kind of silk gauze [Blue]
sold out

No.40 Komon

No.39 Komon [Gray]

No.38 Komon [Red]

No.37 Tsukesage [Gray]

No.36 Tsukesage [Gray]
sold out

No.32 Furisode [Pink]

No.29 Furisode [Blue]

No.27 Komon Appropriate moment [Gray]

No.26 Komon Plain [Gray]

No.25 Komon [Purple]

No.22 Tsukesage [Pink]

No.21 Tsukesage [Red]

No.20 Tsukesage [Red]

No.19 Tsukesage [Blue]
sold out

No.18 Tsukesage [Red]

No.17 Komon [Purple]

No.16 Komon [Orange]
sold out

No.15 Plain color [Black]

No.14 Tsukesage [Pink]
sold out

No.12 Tsumugi [Green]

No.11 Tsumugi [Navy blue]

No.10 Oshima Tsumugi [Navy blue]
sold out

No.8 Plain color [Navy blue]

No.7 Semi-formal kimono for women [black]


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