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for the Kimono dress (Japanese dress).


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For the product

What is the cloth of the kimono?
Our shop is 100% silk kimono.
* It is only polyester [Komon gray flowers. Item No 2002]
I'm not sure about how to measure the size.
Please refer to the following page. Click here for how to measure the size
Do you make a dress from a new kimono?
More than half of the dress is made from kimono used or unused product.
While there is also a dress made from cloth (the state of the cloth before you make a kimono).
This is why we make from used kimono.
A New kimono is expensive.
Very good state of preservation in used kimono. I have selected a kimono little dirt.
Because there are a lot of great design in old kimono.

For custom made

Do you do is custom made dress?
Yes. Here click
I am anxious to order custom made in the first time.
We draw a picture to make it easier to image. Do not worry.
Please feel free to tell there was a demand at that time.
Order flow custom made, please refer to the following.
Here click
Can you custom-made other than cloths of the kimono?
yes.It can be ordered at any other kimono cloth.
Will I be able to use the new kimono cloths in custom made?
Yes. New kimono cloth is more than 200,000 yen will be, however.
The shop is carefully selected cloths are used in good condition.
Are you able to make the same dress design and that are listed in the magazine?
If I can be very close to the same design dress atmosphere.
* It is difficult to design exactly the same.
For custom made, How long does it take dress to arrive?
You can be delivered in about three months from about a month.
Changing needs of customers, payment status, by the delivery status.
Please consider us as a guide only.
Are you able to make a dress from a kimono that I have?
Yes. You can also bring.

For sale

Are you able to modify the correct size?
Yes. We can modify the size to the extent possible.
You can choose from three options when selecting products.
To fit the size of your
With the ability to adjust the size of the back.
* You can wear it to fit the size of the body is also a little different.
The combined length
Are you able to place an order for more than two points the same product?
Kimono cloth can not for one-off thing, make exactly the same products.
You can make similar looking cloth.
What items are all new?
No. It is not in the case of new products that are rented once.
Therefore, products that are rented are pretty clean.

For send charge and charge and customs

How much is shipping?
Wear one dress for each is $48.
What is the customs?
Vary depending on your country. Please check this time slot.
In addition, the customs will be borne by the customer. Please note.

Returns and payment

What payment methods do you have?
You can pay by credit card or PeyPal.
Can you issue a receipt?
No. You can not issue a receipt.
Specification of PayPal or credit card is the receipt
I want to cancel the product I received.
Convenience of the customer (mistake with your order, do not like) returned or exchanged after the commodity is sent out with are not accepted.
In addition, the products are subject to expiration can be stored at the shipping company.
Cancellation by the deadline and storage convenience of customers after the commodity is sent out If you are not receive the goods, the goods will pull back to us, you will be charged the commodity price and shipping.
For inquiries about goods after arrival, please within 7 days after delivery.
Reached commodity seems to be defective.
The quality of the product and packaging Although every effort has been made, when there is inconvenience the event, please contact us by email within seven days after the commodity arrives this time slot.
I want to exchange because not fit.
Exchange of goods are not accepted. Please confirm the size when ordering.
In addition, we also offer custom made and order size mending.

For shipping and delivery period

Do you allow delivery to the outside of Japan?
Possible.However, the following areas are excluded.
How long does it take dress to arrive?
Items will be delivered within about two weeks after the payment is confirmed.
It comes in about three weeks to six weeks if there is clothes repair.
Are you able to specify the date of arrival?
You can not.
Are you able to specify the delivery address?
Yes. You can change the delivery address at the time of order.

For e-mail and account

Email does not arrive. I can not be contacted. Why is this?
Mail from our shop, we are usually delivered within two business days.
There is a possibility of the following if you do not contact us within two business days.

It is distributed to junk mail.
Are set to Blocked Senders List.
Mail has been delayed.
There is misspelled email address
I can not login.
You can change the password in the URL following. Forgot password, click here.
If you have forgotten your E-mail, please contact us by entering your name, address, date of birth from Contact us.
I want to change, such as address or E-mail you registered.
You can change from My Account.

For information on how to order

You Can Contact Us by Phone?
You can not. We accept only e-mail query.
Can you order from a mobile phone?
No. This site can be ordered only from the PC.
Can you order by phone or FAX?
You can not. This site can be ordered only from the PC.
I do not know, I can not be ordered with an error.
I am sorry. Please contact us with your browser, such as the contents of the error message.
Contact us
I want to see the contents of the order.
You can check your order history from My Account.
I want to cancel or modify the order.
If you wish change orders, please contact from Contact us.
If you have started the production of the goods or if you've already entered the shipping preparation,
I can not be changed or canceled.
Products I disappeared while shopping
Product might be lost due to the following causes.
If the expiration date of the cart is gone.
If system accidentally cause a server error in your order.
Please try your order again.

For privacy policy and safety

I have to enter personal information is anxiety.
We work to protect the security of your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information you input.
With SSL, is a system that encrypts the data to be transmitted or received over the Internet, such as credit card numbers and to protect your personal information.
Although there is a thing that message to start the encryption of information comes out, that there is no error in, and then click "OK" at ease, please proceed to the next page.
Please tell me the recommended browser.
Recommended browser environment is as follows.
Internet Explorer 8 or later.
FireFox9 or later.
Error "cookie is invalid" appears.
This site is using the function "cookie" in the browser.
Because you must have enabled "Setting cookies" in your browser,Please enable the setting.

For browser environment

Is it possible to be treated as a sale and rental products in our shop?
It is possible if you can clear the examination of certain criteria, for more information please Contact us.

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