Dahlianty is a specialty shop
for the Kimono dress (Japanese dress).

Custom Made Flow

I will make one just for you to wear only one in the world.

It is the culture of the Japanese kimono. It is the pride of the Japanese kimono.
Intact the beauty of the kimono, I finish the dress.

I counsel anything. Please contact us.
It will free estimate, please feel free to contact us.

Flow of full custom-made

1. Choose a cloth

Please look for a cloth that matches the image from the cloth store.

* You can also bring your dough.

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2. Input Size

Please input the size of the bust and waist, etc..
How to measure the size is fine to put "page of the input size.

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3. Enter the desire

If you have request, such as color or design, please input your request in the field.
Please refer to the following page.
Click here for how to measure the size

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4. Send the email

Verify your entries, please send an email quote.
Then, we will check the contents of the e-mail in our shop.

We will reply within 3 business days from our shop.

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5. Create a Design picture

It's difficult to know the image from only the photos and other kimono dress (japanese dress).
We will paint designed pictures to help you understand the image of the finished dress in our shop,we will send by e-mail.
* Since the image is complete design drawings, I might be allowed to the changes in the production stage
Please check the image of the painting design and reply, thank you.
I paint design any number of times until you like it.

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6 . Payment

We will send you an email invoice from us, please make a payment click the URL listed.

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7 Fitting

We will deliver the dress for a fitting in our shop, try it.

Please check it with instructions that is enclosed and return a dress.

* 1 Fitting --- make a matching dress with alternative cloth and adjust size.
* 2 Return fee of fitting dress will be borne by the customer. It is because you can't send cash on delivery. Please note.

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8. Final confirmation

After payment is confirmed, I start making dresses.
Please make your final confirmation for dress image before we send the dress.
You can modify it at this stage if there are changes or additions.

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9. Completed

kimono dress (japanese dress) for you is just finished!

I begin to prepare for the finished dress ships.
We can delivere it in about 10 days.

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10. Delivery

Please spend a good time with your own kimono dress (japanese dress).

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