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Kimono Dress White Furisode [Floral]

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Item No : 1048
Item Name : Kimono Dress White Furisode [Floral]

Sales Price : $2,475  $1,225
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The reason this dress has price down are used in exhibitions and shooting, it is because there is some color fade-out and stains.

Please use the options of this if you want to match the size.

Size adjustment

*Kimono silhouette style
*Separate type, Bustier and skirt
*2 types of kimono used, Red Band of White Kimono
*Use kimono red silk fabric on the lining
*Back ribbon
*Chest corsage
*Corsage which can also be a hair ornament and decoration of the chest

*Chest corsage

"Separately accessories"
*Hair ornaments $185
*The remaining fabric $60 minutes

Types of Kimono Furisode
Pattern Floral
Cloth Silk
Thickness of the cloth Thin
Lining Silk
Bust 70.5cm-98.5cm , 27.8inch-38.8inch
Waist 63cm-91cm , 24.8inch-35.8inch
Skirt length 113cm , 44.5inch
Skirt waist 48cm-90cm , 18.9inch-35.4inch
Skirt hip 96cm , 37.8inch
Skirt hem-width 113cm , 44.5inch
The width of the sleeve 32.5cm , 12.8inch
The height of the sleeve 98cm , 38.6inch
The height of the ribbon 17cm , 6.7inch
Width of the ribbon 35cm , 13.8inch
The dripping thickness are of ribbon 13cm , 5.1inch
The dripping thickness are of ribbon 13cm , 5.1inch
Bustier length front 21cm , 8.3inch
Bustier length back 15cm , 5.9inch

The image for a larger view click on the image.
Kimono silhouette reproduced with kimono dress.
Kimono Dress White Furisode [Floral]3

You can adjust the size using a string.
Kimono Dress White Furisode [Floral]1

Japanese Kimono Dress.
Kimono Dress White Furisode [Floral]2

A new style called kimono dress that goes beyond the kimono remake.
Kimono Dress White Furisode [Floral]4

When purchasing you can fix the size.
Kimono Dress White Furisode [Floral]5

Hair ornaments.
Kimono Dress White Furisode [Floral]6

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