Dahlianty is a specialty shop
for the Kimono dress (Japanese dress).

Dahlianty Kimono Dress PV [Kimono Revolution]

As for kimono dress

A Kimono dress and refers to what was tailored dress from Japanese kimono fabric.
Using a traditional a Japanese kimono, One in the world, We made a dress only for you.
A kimono dress gorgeously directing personality of women.

As for Dahlianty

Our store is in Japan. We have revolves around kimono dress sales and custom-made.
Our shop has been handling the Tomesode dress was tailored kimono Tomesode and dress ,two-piece.
Custom-made is very expensive Image.By minimizing the expenses such as stores, in our shop to achieve reasonable prices.
We wholeheartedly make high quality the full custom-made utilizing the technology of Japan and reasonable the pattern custom-made.

Mrs Asia

New Item

Kimono Dress Black Red Gold Uchikake [Crane]
Kimono Dress Black Red Gold Uchikake [Crane]Sales Price : $3,995  $2,985
25% off
Kimono Dress Red Uchikake [Bird,Floral]
Kimono Dress Red Uchikake [Bird,Floral]Sales Price : $3,725  $2,475
34% off

Pick Up Item

Kimono Dress Red-Blue Uchikake [Crane-Floral]
Kimono Dress Red-Blue Uchikake [Crane-Floral]Sales Price : $4,960  $2,235
55% off
Kimono Dress White White kimono
Kimono Dress White White kimonoSales Price : $3,725  $1,735
53% off
Kimono Dress Orange Komon
Kimono Dress Orange Komon Sales Price : $3,360  $1,610
52% off

Miss universe japan
fashion asia in china
中文说明页面(Description of Simple Chinese is here)

Several excellent characteristics of the Dahlianty

Custom-made and can be purchased kimono dress,
english is the only site in the kimono dress. (As of 2013)
A kimono dress is 100% made in Japan.
We have used a real kimono cloth.
By minimizing the expenses such as stores, in our shop to achieve reasonable prices.
We will respond with full force in any difficult request.
We have designed a novel design and silhouette by young designers.
You can the size custom-made and the pattern custom-made.

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